Where to build your community?

Remember..engaging your community in the space that you control has never been more important.

I’ve been talking the value of community for years and have often ended up in heated discussions about the merits of Facebook vs your own platform as the site for community. Yes Facebook has it’s place in social media marketing but and it’s a big BUT….

You don’t have control over the Facebook platform!

  • Facebook is a closed platform
  • Facebook’s constantly changing algorithm makes management difficult
  • you don’t get SEO benefits on your site
  • the content belongs to Facebook
  • you don’t have control over your community
  • Facebook isn’t free and that’s why the algorithm keeps changing – plan to pay to have your messages delivered
  • you don’t own the data & that’s what it’s all about 

“Everything you do and say on Facebook can be used to serve you ads. Our policy says that we can advertise services to you off Facebook based on data we have on Facebook.”

Yes Facebook can be part of your social media marketing program if your audience is there…

So where should your community be?

1. It’s the website that you own.

2. It’s your domain name.

3. It’s your content that you’ve developed for your audience.

4. It’s the relationships you build in the discussion forum that you moderate on your site

5. It’s the data you collect about your community that you treat with respect

Speaking of communities

..the folks at Community Management have just released their ‘State of Community Management 2014’ and there is much to be gleaned …definitely worth a read!

State of Community Management 2014

“What you’ll see in the data is that community management is standardizing – but still not mature or completely integrated into core business processes. Most community initiatives now have approved community strategies, which is fantastic – and quite a change from the early days of shiny object syndrome. However, all to often those strategies are not mirrored by approved and resourced roadmaps, pointing to one of the biggest challenges in the space today – funding the resources and programs that will translate aspirations to reality.

Also encouraging is that the vast majority of best-in-class (most mature) communities can measure value, indicating an important shift in the market from something that was considered innovative and unproven to something that is understood and measurable.”



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