There’s simply no such thing as an average person – Personas

It’s critical that you understand your target audience and what type of content they want to consume.

Today people make instant decisions and your chance of engagement is a challenge. People evaluate the level of relevance that you display via your communications  against their wants, needs and desires and make will make their decisions accordingly. In this digital age of social media and content marketing it seems blindingly obvious that in order to be able to deliver relevant content need to understand what’s going to ‘tick the boxes’ for your audience.

What is a Persona?

“In marketing and user-centered design, personas are fictional characters created to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic, attitude and/or behavior set that might use a site, brand or product in a similar way. Marketers may use personas together with market segmentation, where the qualitative personas are constructed to be representative of specific segments.” Wikipedia

Where do you start?

A persona describes your audience behaviours, job role, responsibilities, priorities, and personality traits, it puts human attributes to a homogenous marketing description and allows you to craft a message that will resonate.

Topographics – the competitive environment as a whole and the user’s behaviour within the environment

Psychographics – what customers do psychologically as part of their decision making process

Demographics – the customer’s attributes and how they affect the decision making process

Thanks to the team at Uberflip  for this handy roadmap…


Buyer Personas 101: How to Build the Perfect Profile

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