there’ll be 278,000 Tweets in the next 60 seconds

Feeling overwhelmed by content?

This Buzzfeed video puts some mind blowing stats out there….


In this environment the challenge for marketers is to get ‘the right message to the right person at the right time.’

I always aim to stay in touch with tech trends and we are already starting to see a new breed of marketing automation that goes way beyond traditional CRM.

I have no affiliation with idio in any way but they seem be onto what I believe will be the next big step….

‘Personalised Content Marketing.’

Content Analytics

Real-time & Multi-channel

Gather real-time data about customer interests across every channel, building an individual profile through the content they consume. This unique interest profile is used to deliver the next-best-content into your digital marketing channels.

Content Personalisation

Relevance Drives Engagement

Makes your existing content relevant to the reader so they see more of the content they want and less of what they don’t.


Understanding & Influence

This interest data empowers marketers to understand the context of their customers and the decisions they are likely to make. This insight can be viewed at an individual level or at an aggregate level to inform marketing and business strategies.

IMHO definitely the next step in CRM…and given that they’ve just done a deal with Exact Target expect to see rapid momentum in adoption.

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