The Social Executive Study

Another interesting study from the team at Community Roundtable.

‘While a great deal of progress has been made in the social business space, executives vary widely in their expectations, priorities and their own engagement. One of their main challenges is having a clear understanding of the business value. This confusion makes it hard for social business teams to make progress, for partners to position the business value and for the market to develop to its estimated $1.3 trillion potential (McKinsey Study, The Social Economy 7/12).

The Social Executive™ study is designed to help better understand the level of executive engagement, how they are setting priorities and the value they expect from social business. Research topics include:

  • Perceived value of integrating social as an enabler of the overall business
  • Triggers for interest, engagement and prioritization of social business initiatives
  • Expectations for current and future resource allocation
  • Operational strategies including functional priorities and use of partners

This study focusses on UBM, (a global live media and B2B communications, marketing service and data provider) who has prospered during a very difficult market. This highly disruptive market actually provided the impetus for UBM to redefine itself for what it perceived as the emerging social era. It’s notable that their social program involved the active participation of their CEO.

Adopting an enterprise-wide social platform they’ve enjoyed:

  • a more cohesive culture as opposed to fragmented companies,
  • the removal of barriers to collaboration
  • better access to information and expertise.

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