#SocialInsights content curation with Twine Social

We all know that ‘engaging content’ is the way to build online connections.

And that brands are investing substantially in content across various platforms ….but the major problem is that all of that hard content development work, runs the risk of disappearing into the void after publication.

Creating a Social Hub

Twine Social has just launched an impressive content curation platform that offers a solution.

‘..a powerful social platform, bringing together your social media content and streams from around the web. Our easy-to-use user interface enables you to quickly connect your social media profiles, moderate content, and promote your social media profiles in real time.’

What is useful is that you can select hashtags and search terms around your brand and they also offer a Pin option that enables a Pinterest-like feature that allows you to highlight specific content.

(no affiliation) just think that Twine Social is worth a look… click on the image to have a look at my Social Hub on the home page.


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