Social Media Predictions for 2013

The biggest opportunity for business in 2013 is to be a social business…

not simply a business in social.

Recovering from a massive social media failDell rallied to become one of leaders of enterprise social media.

Dell’s own Social Media Listening Command Center was launched in late 2010 in the Round Rock, TX headquarters and monitors more than 25,000 mentions of Dell per day. They now include Social Media Best Practices as part of their service offering.

Connie Benson leads Dell’s Global Community Strategy and she actually defined and evolved the role of the Community Manager and Community Strategy. I had the opportunity to listen to Connie’s’ community wisdom’ at a Swarm Conference some years back..she is a gem.

“What does the social media scene have in store for marketers throughout 2013? We asked industry experts and thought leaders to share their predictions, to help others better prepare for a successful year across social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

Some of their predictions may surprise you. The experts we polled don’t see Facebook or Twitter as networks primed for growth, for example. The networks they pegged for growth this year include Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slideshare and MySpace. Yes, you read that right… MySpace.”

So if you haven’t already seen this..grab a coffee and take a look.

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