Social Media Management Software

If you’re not confused you’re not paying attention.

Tom Peters

“We broadly define SMMS as a set of tools to manage or analyze interactions through multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard. Most systems permit listening for brand mentions, posting to multiple channels and running marketing campaigns. They include analytics packages to measure the relative success of campaigns. Within this broad definition, there are distinct use cases which emphasize different feature sets and we will discuss these below.

Like many aspects of digital software, Social Media Management Software (SMMS) now has a proliferation of offerings with different functions and features.component of the enterprise has gotten larger and more sophisticated as far as functions and features.

This Buyers Guide from Trust Radius is a great resource in that it offers direct insights from end-users with a look at what each software vendor can and cannot do across the seven use cases identified in the report. This is a welcome change from listening to sales pitches from vendors

“Use cases for SMMS tools are broadening and infiltrating other departments beyond Marketing. As we have seen, Customer Care and Sales are two of the newer areas where there is increasing activity and interest. But marketing departments are also benefiting from entirely new capabilities like social curation, which enable them to harness social content in the pursuit of uniquely authentic marketing.”

As a Hootsuite Solution Partner it’s satisfying to see them rate so highly.


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