SEO – the times they are a changin

“Boom, boom, boom, boom. “I look like I’m rising; links are it.”

 Rand Fishkin

There are a few SEO folks that demand attention and the folks at MOZ certainly qualify. Those SEO guys do come up with some catchy headlines eg ‘Weighting  of Thematic Clusters of Ranking Factors in Google.’

Which simply translated means “How to get found on the web via Google.”

Even though this is not official Google speak – ‘This is merely the aggregated collective opinions of a lot of smart people who study this field pretty well’ ….sit up and pay attention to Moz’s most recent ‘semiannual ranking factors survey.’

#1 What we’re seeing year after year after year is complexity increasing.

#2 Links are still a big deal.

#3 Brand-related and brand-driven metrics are on the rise.

Does this domain or the brand name associated with the website get mentioned a lot on the Internet?

“If you’re not building a brand on the Web, that could be seriously hurting your SEO, maybe to the same degree that not doing on-page optimization is.”

#4 Social is still perceived to have a minor impact despite some metrics to the contrary.

I found the comments on search and social especially interesting….

“….when we look at how do social metrics correlate with things that rank highly versus things that rank poorly, we’re seeing very high numbers, numbers that in many cases exceed or equal the link metrics that we look at. So here at Moz we kind of look at those and we go, “Well, obviously correlation does not imply causation.” It could be the case that there are other things Google’s measuring that just happen to perform well and happen to correlate quite nicely with social metrics, like +1s and shares and tweets and those kinds of things.”

Essentially, you go and you see a page that’s ranking number nine, and you think, “Hey, let me try to get a bunch of tweets and shares and +1s, and I’m going to acquire those in some fashion. Still ranking number nine. I don’t think social does all that much.”

Versus, you go out and get links, and you can see the page kind of rising in the search results. You get good links from good places, from authoritative sites and many of them.

Boom, boom, boom, boom. “I look like I’m rising; links are it.”

#5 Keyword-based domain names

Just not as important as it used to be.



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