Scaling social media

Social media at scale is insanely hard

In a previous post at Wolff Communications we looked at Adam Kmiec of Campbell Soup Co presentation and his experiences with social media at Walgreens and Campbell Soup and the complexity of scale. IMHO this just released report from Altimeter’s Jeremiah Owyang and Andrew Jones contains some valuable insights for all social media strategists.

‘many find themselves overwhelmed by the number of conversations taking place without proper resources, training, or tools.

For brands today, the complexity of social business is steadily compounding. With every additional variable — each account, customer conversation, business unit, location, language, distributor, etc. — social media becomes a greater challenge. Meanwhile, brands struggle to prepare appropriately and adopt the right technology.

The case studies in this document aim to tie these pieces together by showing how brands today manage a complex social environment and effectively engage with customers.”

Case Studies: Scaling Social Business from Altimeter Group Network on SlideShare

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