Linkedin and those endorsements

We all love compliments …

Back in the day a reference from an employer or a client was something to be highly valued. I’ve built my business since 1993 largely on referrals and recommendations, which has been very satisfying.

There’s nothing nicer for a brand or organisation to have someone openly endorsing their product or service and when social media took hold, the power of both influencers and brand advocates in the community was recognised.

I guess that this where LinkedIn got the idea….how can we stimulate and engage the community? … let them endorse each other’s skills.

When endorsements were launched I had a friend, a bona fide LinkedIn maven endorse me for a few skills….I rang her and she was gleefully expecting my response….

Isn’t this just gamification?

Isn’t this devaluing LinkedIn?

Do you expect me to endorse you back?

She git the response that she was expecting. A LinkedIn recommendation used to carry weight. The referee would comment on the quality of the work, how it was done, what it was like working with you etc …it is usually a well thought out response….not just mindless click!

It’s just become too easy to endorse someone especially when LinkedIn is actively soliciting those endorsements every time you login.

The other downside is the number of people who add skills in which they might or might not have real expertise…or if you are endorsed for a skill that might not want to promote.

The more things change…the more they stay the same

People are influenced by real recommendations and especially by the stature of the person giving the recommendation.

I’d suggest that 5 good referees are worth more than a thousand LinkedIn endorsements for a smorgasbord of skills.

As this infographic shows, LinkedIn remains a powerful platform….I just hope that their next move is add meaningful functionality and not just increase noise!


Linkedin Infographic
Via: PowerFormula for Linkedin Success

If you want to do some housekeeping here’s how to manage your LinkedIn endorsements

1. Remove Individual Endorsements

If you’ve received an endorsement from a connection you don’t wan to be endorsed by or to delete an category of endorsements — you can remove them.

Go to the main menu and select “Edit Profile” under the “Profile” heading. Scroll to the Skills & Expertise section and click Edit.

You can also remove individual connections from endorsing a skill. Click the “Manage Endorsements” tab to switch views. Click a skill, then uncheck the box next to the contact that you want to remove from endorsing it. Save.

2. Remove All Endorsements

If you want to remove the entire Endorsements section from your profile, in ‘Edit Profile mode’ go to the Skills & Expertise section > Click Edit > click the drop-down menu next to the option “Display your endorsements?” Choose “No, do not display my endorsements.” Save.

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