How to make friends with Google


All I can say is, that if you didn’t see it coming…. then you weren’t paying attention.

Much has been written about Google’s ongoing algorithm updates since they launched the Knowledge Graph or semantic search back in May 2012.

Google has been focussed on stopping the gaming of it’s search engine.

Google has implemented its authorship program that favours real people, real identities, reputation, popularity etc

Google is not preventing anonymous content from existing online, it’s giving preference to verified, identified, and popular content.

I’m happy with that.


targeted low quality crappy content that was really all about ranking for specific keywords.


targeted low quality, paid for and exact match anchor text links used for manipulating rankings for specific keywords.


Hummingbird looks to be geared towards a more conversational search and answering questions approach. An excellent overview can be found here.. Conversational Search

We’ve had the luxury of having access to Google keyword data for so long that when Google confirmed that they would begin eliminating access to insights related to organic search engine traffic..the SEO industry went into a state of shock.

Some say they are pushing the world to Google Adsense and maybe that is partly true… it seems fair enough that Google are averse to people trying to manipulate their system while at the same time always looking to improve their search experience.

Remember…80% of visitors to a website begin by typing keywords in the query box of a search engine and in Australia, that engine is Google (94%)

How to make friends with Google

It’s all about the user…

  • develop high quality content
  • become an authority in your space
  • engage with your audience via social media
  • if you’re flirting with Native Advertising  (which I’ve always seen as a new term for Advertorials) ..Google says that’s OK provided that there is clear and conspicuous disclosure.
  • Don’t Link Spam

Be authentic and let Google know that you not only exist but that you are an active participant in the internet…

And if you have a spare hour here’s the keynote address from the recent Google Analytics Summit

“Watch and hear about the future of marketing analytics from Google leadership at the Google Analytics Summit 2013: Paul Muret, Vice President of Google Analytics Engineering, and Babak Pahlavan, Director of Google Analytics Product Management. You will learn about new products we’re launching and hear three ways The Data-Driven Opportunity will impact your business:

– Connecting the right data to the right people.
– Empowering every employee to analyze data
– How acting on insights drives organizations forward”

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