How to engage with Social Leads

“The most effective way to drive results from Twitter is through one-on-one interaction between a brand and their audience.”

If you are using Twitter for business the bottom line is that no matter how many followers you might have, to be effective you have to get ‘close’ with your customers and develop what Tapaiyoti calls pro-active relationships to help consumers across their different buying stages.

One of the biggest untapped opportunities for brands can be found in brand relevant engagement opportunities defined as a social lead.

Social leads are actionable opportunities in which a brand should engage. They could be someone tweeting that they’re thinking about buying a product/service that you sell or it could be someone tweeting that they’re having an issue with your product. The fact that these conversations have actionable intent make them highly relevant to a business and present an opportunity for engagement that creates a strong relationship that could ultimately lead to a sale.

Social leads aren’t as scary as you thought!

This slideshare was prepared by Tapajyoti Das, Co-Founder at Leadsift  and originally appeared on the Hootsuite Blog. Leadsift is a cloud platform that sifts through millions of social media conversations to deliver clients relevant and timely business opportunities. If you are a Hootsuite user you can download the Leadsift App straight from your HootSuite Dashboard now.

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