Communities sit at the heart of social business

A definition of Social Business

Just to make sure that we are on the same page here’s the definition I use for ‘social business’ from Community Roundtable followed by a nifty little graphic from the IBM Institute for Business Value.

 ‘Social business is the result of making organizations more humane, adaptive and resilient, in order to increase revenue through relevance and reduce costs through crowdsourcing.’

IBM- Social-Business


Michael Fauscette leads IDC’s Software Business Solutions Group and his recent post on the upcoming social business survey highlights North American trends that I believe will rapidly extend to our market here in Australia.

the rise of the enterprise social network…79% have already deployed a solution.

‘The one number that has climbed steadily across all the surveys though, is the percentage of North American companies using some type of enterprise social network (ESN).

The ESNs are providing the systems of relationship that is the new vehicle for enterprise collaboration and knowledge sharing.’

And Michael points to the question response that has changed the most over the last 4 years….

Q. “what specific initiatives are you planning to conduct using social software for business purposes in the next 12 months?”



that’s right…community is the #1 social business priority in 2013

What we are looking at is a maturing model where the focus has shifted from outbound marketing to internal collaboration and building a knowledge sharing culture and to the nurturing of customer communities as a focal point of customer experience strategies.

The biggest challenge to building an effective social business in our market will be the organisational and cultural shifts that are required to embed social technologies and practices into core business processes.

That and the ability to scale their social business efforts.

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