It’s getting harder and harder to get valuable attention and clear brand strategies are essential if you are going to cut through the clutter.

The company that became Social Insights was launched in 1993 and we’ve had the opportunity over the years to work closely with a wide variety of organisations at various stages of ‘brand life,’ from start-ups to re-launches and across all media.

We’ve delivered strategic brand, marketing and digital solutions for diverse organisations across the private sector and for NFP’s and ridden the constantly changing wave of innovation since the internet began.

Working within a well defined process, we distil the qualities that separate a brand from its competitors and communicate its personality and values through all aspects of the brand’s life.

A successful brand is one we trust – it conveys values that reassure us about our choice.

Brand storytelling isn’t a new concept, marketers have been telling brand stories for years through advertising, in-person brand experiences, and so on. Today, with the explosive growth of social media and content marketing, the opportunities to tell stories as part of direct and indirect brand marketing initiatives have become a strategic priority.

Our combined expertise covers a diverse field of marketing disciplines, providing marketing strategies and plans, campaign management, social and digital, production and ongoing evaluation and reporting.