Australia’s connectivity lags.

Australia’s connectivity lags behind our region and the rest of the world!

Akamai’s Q3 2013 “State of the Internet” report analyses Internet connections in locations around the world based on data from Akamai’s Intelligent Platform.

As this table shows, East Asia is leading the charge…

At a country level, South Korea had the highest average connection speed at 22.1 Mbps, while Hong Kong continued to have the highest average peak connection speed at 65.4 Mbps. Globally, high broadband (>10 Mbps) adoption jumped 31% to 19%, and South Korea remained the country with the highest level of high broadband adoption, growing to 70%. Global broadband (>4 Mbps) adoption grew 5.8% quarter-over-quarter to 53%, with South Korea taking the top slot for this metric as well, with an adoption rate of 93%.


So where does Australia sit in the Global Rankings?

Average Connection speed – 43rd

Average Peak Connection Speed – 30th

Hi Broadband Connectivity – 37th

APAC -Hi-broadband

Australia is still struggling with the NBN broadband plan

At the recent Senate Select Committee on the NBN, iiNet’s submission noted that

‘the NBN policy should establish a clear set of objectives that focused on productivity, job creation, export opportunities, and improved regional, industry and competition outcomes.’

I couldn’t agree more!

You can download the Akamai Report here

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