Australia ranks 49th for broadband uploads – 94th for downloads!

Oh dear where is the vision?

According to the latest numbers from Ookla’s Net Index, Australia is sitting at 49th for internet download speeds, and a mind numbing 94th for upload speeds.

The data was gathered from the average of the past 30 days of speed tests done on Seattle-based Ookla’s site.

With a new installed government that seems to be concentrating on negatives, Australia is in desperate need of a clear vision on so many areas and connecting Australians with each other and with the rest of the world in particular.

Internet-connected devices continue to drive economic growth and a priority to increase broadband speeds to keep up with the rest of the world should be a no-brainer.

Broadband speeds Top 10

Broadband speeds -Australia

NBN rollout stalls across the country

“The rollout of the national broadband network has missed targets and almost ground to a halt across the country, according to NBN Co’s own statistics.

NBN Co had projected in July that it would pass about 318,700 existing homes and businesses with fibre optic cabling by the end of September.

But as of October 7, the company had passed 227,454 premises – many of which were apartments and shopping arcades that can’t order an NBN service, according to internal statistics obtained by The Australian Financial Review.

Tasmania has been the worst affected state with the official number of premises that can connect to the NBN actually falling backwards over the past two months.”

Sydney likes to see itself as a regional leader but fails to rank in the Top 30….



One of my favourite quotes from Spike Milligan seems to fit the Australian Government’s lack of vision to bring our broadband up to speed.

‘ We don’t have a plan so nothing can go wrong.’


You can see the full index here…..Ookla’s Net Index,

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