Are you measuring your social media ROI ?

Steve MacAlpine —  January 13, 2014

This infographic  from MzingaTeradata Aster, and The Center for Complexity in Business, shows most companies (64%) are primarily using social media platforms for Marketing/Customer Experience, customer support, employee collaboration and sales:

  • 64% for marketing initiatives
  • 47% for customer support
  • 39% for employee collaboration
  • 27% for sales

The big surprise is that a significant group of 77% of respondents reported not measuring ROI and 49% admit to being aware that they’re not using these technologies to their ‘full potential.’

This would tend to highlight that many of these social business activities have been initiated without clear strategies in place.

Where do you start?

What are the Social Media outcomes you expect?

It’s now universally accepted that Social Media can…

  • aid in Branding & build awareness
  • build community around brands & organisations
  • extend customer service
  • drive leads & sales
  • enhance/protect reputation
  • lead to opportunities like product developmen

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Steve MacAlpine


Brand and digital strategist - founder of Social Insights.