a mobile strategy is essential

‘Advanced marketers will integrate mobile into a multiyear strategic vision’

So says Forrester in their recently released ‘2013 Mobile Trends for Marketers.’

‘Mobile platforms will act as a catalyst for the next generation of connected experiences. In particular, smart apps connected to products and CRM systems will emerge. In 2013, leading marketers will anticipate the longer-term mobile disruption and shift from tactical efforts to more transformative mobile strategies.’

There’s more than 1 million apps available, more than 150 million tablets sold and nearly everyone has a phone in his or her pocket… 80 percent of the world’s population has a mobile phone.

This new frontier of mobile when combined with social is a game changer.

We (consumers) expect a consistent message across mobile, social as well as the traditional channels.

I’ve posted before on SoMoLO & ‘showrooming’ and the impact of mobile on retail which just one example of how consumers and brands are interacting.

People are responding to mobile social media promotions.

Positive and negative experiences are shared in real time on mobiles.

We now routinely seek advice and research purchases.

If brands want to remain relevant they need to engage with their audience across social channels and platforms.

And we need to understand how people are using their mobiles.

This recent study is from Google and Nielsen analysed over 6000 mobile searches and the actions that resulted, ‘drawing precise and measurable connections between mobile searches and the online and offline conversions that they drive.’

Remember that Google accounts for over 93% of Australian search…

There’s a lot that can be gleaned from this report and it drives home the obvious .. a mobile strategy is essential.


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