A content recipe for success


1. Who are you cooking for ?

Guess who’s coming to dinner? I don’t think so.

If you haven’t thought about your audience and worked out how you will engage them with content that resonates you will most likely fail….persona development is a must.

2. What’s on the menu?

How many courses? Blog post, whitepaper, infographic, video, webinar ?

Have you done an audit of your own pantry?

The amount of content that you might already have can be surprising…maybe you can re-purpose that case history or whitepaper,or find some historical information worth sharing.

If the cupboard is bare…remember the quality factor…

a crappy meal is as memorable as a great one… though for entirely different reasons of course.

3. Who are the cooks?

Can you handle the content kitchen alone or do you need help?

Do you have employees or other stakeholders who can contribute? Do you need to outsource?

If you are flying solo who will taste-test your content before you present it ?

4. What will make the chef happy?

What reactions do you want from your guests?

How will you define success?

Rave reviews..Downloads..Sign ups…Follows….Shares….Clicks ?

You have to engage a process so that the next meal will be even better.


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