2012 Internet Trends Report-update

‘the magnitude of upcoming change will be stunning…’

I’ve been following the  Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker Internet Trends reports since they’ve been available. This 2012 update was released this week.

Some key points in the updates:

  • Mobile and tablets have had a significant impact on e-commerce, with Black Friday online shopping on those types of devices rising from 6 percent two years ago to 24 percent in 2012, with iOS outpacing Android devices by a factor of four.
  • The major internet players have compiled massive amounts of data from willing consumers, but big data is still the “Wild West” of the internet. The amount of global digital information created and shared by consumers grew by a factor of nine in only five years by 2011, so bluetooth-connected devices and wearables could have a huge impact on data collection in the coming years.
  • We are seeing a shift among 20-somethings to an “asset-light” lifestyle where cloud storage has changed the way they look at paper books, CD’s and television sets.

The next areas to be “re-imagined” 

  • driving a car and navigation
  • news and information flow
  • note taking
  • files and folders
  • content organisation
  • magazines & publishing
  • cash registers
  • education
  • recruiting……the list goes on.

The full deck is below:

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